Photo: Day 25 - 293 lbs

Photo: Day 25 - 293 lbs

Day 25 at IMAGE HEALTH in Roseville.

293 lbs.

No weight loss. weight gain either.

I did however lose another half inch which makes me now 9 & a half inches smaller around my waist and chest. That's still progress right?

The past few days have been very tough food wise.  County fair.  Football at a bar.  Pizza luncheon at work.  I've been good but not perfect. Partook in a corn dog at the fair, some alcohol at the bar, and a slice of pizza at work.

Am I happy with myself????


But it certainly could have been worse.  The trick right now is more working out. I'm staying active, but lately at the pool there are just too many people to navigate through when you're lap swimming. And it's hard telling them to get the heck out my way when your under water!  I actually had some schmuck walk RIGHT INTO me while I was doing my laps.  He gets in and just starts walking through the pool. I finish at one end, flip around, then start back. BAM!  Jerk didn't even apologize. 

I wanted to go fisticuffs with him, but me, fighting, with just a bathing suit on, would more resemble a baby whale masturbating.

Rachelle actually hooked me up this morning at IMAGE HEALTH. Corey was there and got mad at me because I chose the much better looking Rachelle to strap me in and run the machine.  Can he really blame me though? She was great, and like everyone else there, unbelievably positive!

Maybe I should recommend IMAGE to the schmuck at pool.

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