Day 22 at IMAGE HEALTH in Roseville.

297 lbs.

SOOOO much for maintaining. I put on a pound.

Yeah yeah yeah there's the excuse that I was injured the last week. And I ate pretty well actually, however, I'm still bummed.

There's good news though, I did take off another half inch off my chest and waist.  I should write, "Image Health" took off another half inch off my chest and whatever, but it does sound better, huh, when I write, "I".


Deandra was my tech this morning. Yup, a hot young redhead strapped me in today and proceeded to see me half naked in all my vulnerable glory. She was great, joking around and not at all making me feel uncomfortable. Of course, I wonder how this would have gone down two months ago when I still looked like Jabba the Hut???


But she reminded me of something that's easily lost in a process like this. Keeping a Positive Attitude.

But that in it of itself is somewhat of a "sticky wicket." I can't rightly remain positive after eating 3 slices of cheese pizza the other night at my fantasy football draft can I? Well, sure I can...

"Hey everybody, pizza is healthy and will make you feel better about life! Yay!  Go Pizza!" working.

I got your pepperoni right here.

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