Photo: Day 20 - 296 lbs.

Photo: Day 20 - 296 lbs.

Day 20 at IMAGE HEALTH in Roseville.

296 lbs.

That's 24 lbs. I am now down to the last notch on my belt.

That's 3 belt holes now gone due to this weight loss thing and Image Health... I even crossed a new boundary the other day after going to Subway. I was so hungry and all I wanted was a footlong roast beef sandwich with no mayo no cheese no sauce, with mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions on wheat bread.

I got one, crossed off the 600 calories it was going to cost me, (which, on a 1500 calorie diet isn't TOO bad) and started scarfing that bad boy down. Well, to my surprise, after the first half was finished, I wasn't hungry anymore. I saved the other half for dinner, and relished the fact that I had only consumed about 300 calories and was full.

I have now graduated to only needing 6 inch subs now!  It sounds silly I'm sure, but that saves me money too. So, I guess I can call myself a 6 incher.

Um...that doesn't actually sound too awesome now that I think about it.


20th visit to Image Health this morning. Rachelle noticed my skin having much better color, and my face thinning out a little. But Corey, just gave me a hard time because I was only 2-for-4 in softball last night.  What does he know? He only played minor-league baseball for crying out loud! They have now helped me cut a total off 8 inches off my waist and chest.

SO, does that mean I can call myself an 8-incher???

Much better sounding I think.

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