Photo: Day 2 - 303 lbs

Photo: Day 2 - 303 lbs

Day 2 at IMAGE HEALTH in Roseville.

303 lbs.

Wait. What? Just a few days ago it was 308 lbs. Did I really lose 5 lbs in 3 days? Um...Yes. I. Did.  Lost an inch and half too.  Strange things are a foot at the Circle Mike.

Now, I gotta admit, quitting soda cold turkey has thrown a monkey into my thirst wrench. I was mostly addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper, which of course, is the best diet drink on the planet.  Unless you're old school and remember Diet Canfield's Fudge. That stuff was bomb. But 3 days down, no soda what-so-ever. Just water and tea.

Now, the IMAGE HEALTH people are wonderful enough to provide a special water to drink.  Special water? What??? Isn't water, just, ya know, water?  Apparently not! They have me drinking the least acidic water imaginable and it tastes pretty good too. I'm staying hydrated and find that I'm not too thirsty. Though, I still am craving a drink with some flavor. Will someone get me a Diet Dr Pepper please!!!!

No? Fine.

I'm off alcohol too. Not that I drink much anyway, but no beer or wine, or drunken nights wandering the streets of Sacramento muttering old movie quotes to no one, definately won't hurt in trying to lose weight and get healthy.

So day 2 of my electro-slim therapy went well. Chris (today's technician) upped my levels a bit to provide more movement with my muscles. The lovely Rachelle, Image Health's Manager and Electro-Tech herself, stopped in to check on me, and took it upon herself to stretch my limits with this machine ever further. My body rolled with the higher intensity and I felt even more like I was getting a good workout. 

A workout where I'm not out of breath.

A workout where my knees aren't asking me to amputate them.

A workout where I don't feel self conscience about my flab, flailing about in friends faces.

Alliteration aside, I'm staring to get more and more pumped about what this could do. Who knows, if this works for me, why can't it work for the millions of others out there who are just like me?