Kitty Stuck In Storm Drain: What would You Do?

Another night, another animal, rescued from a storm drain. We've seen a lot of those in Sacramento lately. This time it was a 3-month-old kitten. So what would you have done?

In this story we take the ‘pick your own ending approach.’ Some key characters: A fire department sometimes taxed for man-power, and a shelter system running short on beds. And it all starts in a creepy storm drain.

A little girl named Ashlyn and her mom find the kitten, mewling at the bottom of that storm drain.

“Umm… but the thing is, I don’t really know how it got in the drain,” Ashlyn Keloy said.

What would you have done? Figure the cat got herself into the drain, she can get herself out, or do you try to find someone who can help?

Ashlyn and her mom call Sac Metro Fire. As fire fighters have done for decades, they rescue the kitten. And she promptly runs away.

What would you have done? See where she goes or call it a day?

The fire fighters get back to work. But soon after, the kitty comes back, looking to play.

“Her little kneading fingers,” said FOX40 photographer Rebecca Little, petting the kitten. “She’s all alone out here.”

Rebecca wanted us to take the kitty to a shelter. The animal appears to have a collar, but no tags.

What would you have done? Take the cat or leave it?

We decide to contact Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation, and see her to a shelter in the hopes that this cat’s owner will come claim her. From the cat’s purring as she sat on my lap in the FOX40 live truck, she agrees with our choice. It also becomes clear that this cat isn’t feral.

But the question is, did we make the right decision in calling the shelter?

“Oh yeah, absolutely,” said Dawn Cully-Fisher, an animal care officer with Sacramento County. “Because otherwise she’s out suffering on the street.”

The collar we saw around the kitty’s neck turns out to be a child’s ‘friendship bracelet.’ So away the kitty goes, to one of the few open spaces at the county shelter, where hopefully her owner will find her or she’ll be adopted.

“We’ll do our best. She’s really sweet so that gives her a super hot chance. And now that she’s gotten herself kind of famous her chances are even better,” Cully-Fisher said.

…so did we make the right choices? Did you make the same choices? We’ll follow-up with the shelter, and we’ll let you know.