Innocent Woman in Wheelchair Shot, Recounts Horror to FOX40

Brenda Dixon was just sitting outside enjoying the day when she found herself in the middle of a firing squad Wednesday afternoon.

Two men in a gold car stopped aimed handguns and unloaded 37 rounds.

"Shell casings were jumping everywhere, I said, ‘God, am I going to die?’ and that’s when the bullets hit my legs," says  Dixon.

A single bullet tore through Brenda’s Feet.

“I was scared to look down," says Dixon.

The shooting happened in broad daylight, on 39th street in Sacramento. Brenda was just sitting in her driveway enjoying a cupcake when the men opened fire.

"It wouldn't cut on. I couldn't move. I started to stand up, like I said. People say God don't talk to them, but he do (sic), we just don't listen and he said, ‘sit still, don't move,’" said Dixon.

Brenda did the only thing she could, she stared at the gunmen.

"I said somebody’s going to kill me. They are going to have to look me in the face to do it," said Dixon.

The gunfire lasted just about 45 seconds, and the men were gone. A day later Brenda is still haunted by the unknown, she doesn’t know why she was targeted, wheelchair bound because of Lupus and Arthritis. She’s not a threat to anyone, so why would anyone try to gun her down.

The day of the shooting Brenda was outside planning a fundraiser to try and come up with enough money to get her son a headstone. He died of Sickle Cell Anemia five years ago, and his grave is still unmarked.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies are still searching for the two shooters. The car they drove has been located so has one of the guns believed to be used in the shooting.