Inductees in California's Hall of Fame

"I think what made it special tonight was the kids," Ervin "Magic" Johnson said. "This is just going to be icing on the cake. When those kids are hollering your name, they never saw me play basketball."

Johnson is talking about kids outside the Memorial Auditorium on Thursday, chanting his name.

Johnson is among 10 new inductees into the California Hall of Fame, including the Beach Boys, Robe Lowe, Carlos Santana and Buzz Aldrin, who said his induction is momentum to do even more.

"I got bigger things to do. The space program's a little off right now. I gotta help and see the U.S. leads in space for the rest of the century.

And there was Clint Eastwood, who joined California's Hall of Fame in 2006. So will Dirty Harry be ack anytime soon on the big screen?

"I'm retired from SFPD as well," Eastwood said. "I'm just making a lot of pictures, directing pictures as long as materials are out there, somebody wants me to do it. I'll do it."

"It's quite an honor, really. You don't expect things like that. When you do things in the military, it's your duty. If you don't do it, they shoot you. You take your chances," Chuck Yeager said with a chuckle.

"All these celebrities and successful Californian's, to be coming to our backyard today, it's a good moment for all of us," Mayor Kevin Johnson said.

And we couldn't let Magic Johnson go without asking him a question about the Kings.

"Why don't you buy them?" we asked.

"Are they for sale," Johnson kidded. "Anything that Mayor Johnson wants me to do. I'm gonna do it."

"As long as he's keeping them him in Sacramento, I don't care who owns the darn team," the Mayor joked back.