Holiday Car Burglary Danger

Not everyday will be as busy as Black Friday but you can bet if malls are crowded, so are their parking lots.

Even before the holidays, some cities in the valley were seeing double digit increases in car burglaries. The recession may have something to do with it.  But every year during the  holidays, that number spikes.

"They're so busy they forget to lock doors, they leave possesions in the front seats," said Sgt. Andrew Pettit of the Sacramento Police Department}

Cops will tell you that theives go window shopping duirng the holidays too.  But instead of looking through store windows, they look through car windows.

Arden Fair has invested heavily in secuirty cameras and off duty cops to patrol it's parking lots.

They're always on the lookout for suspects driving down up and down the aisles.

"I actually had one case when they put their flashers on got out and looked inside of a car," said Steve Reed, Chief of Arden Fair Mall Security.

Break-ins are non-existent in the Mall's Cal Expo Shuttle Bus lot where patrols are constant.  But security can be spotty depending on where you shop.
Cops say get in the habit of storing valueables in the trunk. . and be sure to look around when you do it.

"Suspects are watching you and they see what youlre dong and they see you're putting thilngs in the trunk and clsoing them, well that's just another place for them to go shopping," said Pettit.

And while just finding a parking spot is tough enough, if you have a choice park in a busy area.

If you park closer to an entrance or exit where there is foot traffic or vehicle taffic, suspects can be deterred by that,' said Pettit.

A well lit parking spot at night is also advisable. But keeping doors locked and valueables out of sight is the biggest deterant.