Want the details on FOX40 Live's Half Time Appetizers?
Well, here they are: three snacks you can make in just a few minutes.

NATALIE: Easy Spinach Dip
You need
* a container of frozen spinach (small bag or box is perfect)
* a container of sour cream
* a package of dry vegetable soup mix
Mix everything together and you're done.

ROSEMARY: Salami Blossoms
You need
* a package of salami
* a package of green pitted olives
* toothpicks
Cut halfway through a salami slice and twist it to form a cone. Put the olive in the center and skewer the "blossom" with a toothpick.

PAUL: Bacon
You need
* bacon
Cook it and eat it. You really can't go wrong with bacon, right?