This was going to be tough, regardless of who goes home.  The Queen opener was very entertaining.  Of course, right off the bat Jessica is safe and Elise is in the bottom 3.  Poor Elise just can't buy a safe week. 

So, Stefano performed...well okay.  Does anyone remember him from last year?  I guess is wasn't awful, but I might have cringed a couple times. 

Next up...Joshua and Hollie.  Once again, no surprises with Joshua safe and Hollie in the bottom.  At this point, I'm thinking that Hollie may finally say goodbye. 

Katy Perry was fun and I do love that song.  Now the final two and I must admit...I don't to see Skylar or Phillip in the bottom 3 let alone go home.  After last night, I figured it would be Phillip.  I was's Sklar???  What this girl is amazing?  Nevermind she is safe!

However, I have to add if last night was Phillip's off night...then all the other singers are in trouble.  He was still in the top 3 and has a huge following. 

So, it's down to Elise and Hollie and I guess it came down to who is more likable?  I don't see people connecting with Elise and I don't know what it is?  I think she sang the best goodbye song ever.  She killed it!  You go girl and I hope we get to hear from her in the future. 

What I learned tonight...the boys are going to be very, very hard to beat.  Also, a very talented singer goes home every week now!  See you next week!