Attention job seekers, there are some major opportunities at Roseville’s Galleria.

More than 30 stores are hiring, gearing up for the holiday season and the grand re-opening of the damaged part of the mall.  

A fire destroyed 20 stores and damaged dozens of others last October 21st.

Now, most stores are open but a lot of them remain closed off by a wall of curtains where they had to rebuild.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done but once they finally open, shoppers will notice some differences. And that is, a lot of more places to shop.

Stephanie Ringey, Westfield Galleria Marketing Director, tells FOX40, “We had a total of 44 stores that were behind the wall so to speak that we’ve been actively rebuilding, and the day we re-open, we’ll have 60 plus that will join us.”

Meaning more jobs for the community, 33 stores are hiring now, from the damaged and undamaged section. Some of the stores are BCBG, J Jill, American Eagle, JC Penny, Victoria’s Secret, Pottery Barn, Pac Sun, Zales and even GameStop; The store that Alexander Piggee set the original fire last October.   

“It’s very emotional. Dark times have turned into something that has just been an amazing journey with the community support and now that we’re so close to reopening, how does it feel? It feels amazing. It feels wonderful.” says Ringey.

The positions available are from part-time stockers to full-time managers. And most stores do want people interested, to apply in person.