First Look: Escort Allegedly Involved In Michael Lyon Scandal
We're learning more about one of the women involved in the Michael Lyon videotaping case. Prosecutors say Lyon secretly taped the women having sex with the real estate mogul.  But why is Lyon, and not the women he was with, in trouble?

Now we are getting our first look at one of those women girls who was allegedly involved in the case. And we can see how the business is handled.

Who would have guessed there's boiler-plate for escort websites. But site-after-site, the instructions are the same, worded exactly the same in fact. There's a whole industry around designing escort websites.

Including the website designed for a woman who, by all indications, is one of the Jane Does that identified Michael Lyon as a man who videotaped her having sex with him, but without her knowing.

"These are all allegations, and I'm intent on clearing my good name," Lyon said Wednesday as he was leaving the Sacramento County jail.

The woman claims on her site: she knows what you desire. We're not naming her because the District Attorney calls her a victim. She charges $500 dollars an hour. A full day will cost you $5000. But hey... she takes credit cards - another example of how sophisticated on-line marketing of escort services has become.

"I'll never say anyone is a victim,” said defense attorney William Portnova. “Because everybody has it coming in one way of another. All of us have it coming in one way or another. But this case? These charges? These alleged victims? Are you kidding?"

Here's the thing: Michael Lyon isn't facing charges for hiring this escort or any other. Instead he is facing charges for video-taping sex he had with escorts like this one. Distasteful? Absolutely. Illegal? If it’s true, you bet. And it should be.

But Lyon's defenders point-out the biggest perversity may be that it's a far, far less serious crime  to pay for sex than it is secretly tape sex you’re having for money. Hiring is only a misdemeanor, but taping an escort without him or her knowing? That's a felony. 

It's three charges of doing exactly that, that landed Mike Lyons in jail earlier this week. And Lyon's attorney, William Portnova says, with the thousand of dollars changing hands- enough money to buy a high-end website like the one used by this escort- the wrong crimes are getting all the attention.