A makeshift sign showing a police officer in a hang-man's noose has been removed from a midtown business. Sacramento police removed the sign after contacting the building's owner, who said they were unaware of it.

The sign was written in the style of a game of "Hang Man," with a phrase partially filled-in. "F_ck Th_ Pol_c_" was spelled-out in black duct tape on the sign. At the bottom, the sentiment was attributed to Public Enemy- presumably a reference to the hip-hop artists.

The sign comes very close to being obscene.

"We found it pretty funny," said Carmela, a woman who was having her picture taken in front of the sign Sunday afternoon. Not everyone agreed with her impression.

"I am from a military background and a law enforcement background. I don't really appreciate it," said Kelly, another woman whose eye was caught by the makeshift message.

But whether you agree with the sign makers or not, you can't be too impressed with them. They got it wrong.

"They're not exactly music experts." said Michael, another person who stopped to look at the display.

Of course it was NWA, not Public Enemy who wrote the lyrics featured in fractured lettering on the sign. Public Enemy wrote "Fight the Power" and "9-11 is a Joke."

Whatever else it is, the makeshift billboard was attracting a lot of attention at the intersection of J and 19th Streets. Among those who stopped to check it out: Sacramento Police Officers, who pulled over in their black-and-whites.

"Maybe it's a comment on the city budget?" Michael wondered aloud.

The sign itself is pretty low-budget: with lettering made of duct tape on a sheet, and tied to the business' facade with string.

"The owners were shocked that it was up there," said Officer Sean McGovern of the Sacramento Police Department.

After contacting the store's owners, McGovern climbed to the building's roof and took the sign down. "Everybody has freedom of speech, but if the owners don't want it up there, it shouldn't be up there."