Driver Hits Apartment, Pole
A driver crashed his pickup truck into an apartment, and then a pole, as he tried to leave the scene.

It happened at the Madison Place Apartments on Ashcroft Avenue in Sacramento late Monday night.

Michael Huey and his wife were in their bedroom when the truck hit the wall, cracking it.

Huey went outside to confront the driver.

"I put my slippers on, got dressed, ran out there, and then watched the guy backing out at about 20 miles per hour, crashing into a pole out there. I said, 'Are you drunk?'," said Huey.

The driver stopped at that point.

"I'm not mad at you for an accident, accidents happen, but you tried to flee the scene," Huey says he told the driver.

The driver was not arrested for DUI.

No one was hurt.