After such a great night, it's hard to see someone go home.  I know it's part of the show, but  all the contestants did a great job last night.  So,  it came down to Hollie, Heejun and Skylar.

What??? Skylar...I'm sorry, but this girl is amazing and I'm so bummed to see her in the bottom three.  I know she was saved quickly, but I really think she deserves to stick around for a long while.   I hope she comes back next week strong. 

I also think Jimmy was right on about Colton...really he wasn't that good last night.  He deserved to be in the bottom.  I don't think he should go home, but he should have been in the bottom 3. 

Breaking away from the votes...I loved Nicki Minaj...and it's awesome to see such great talents getting involved with the show.  Scotty came back too, he was good...I guess. 

Heejun had to sing for his life and he really sang that song beautifully.  I was kind of hoping the judges would save him.  I know he's not going to win, but he made the show a little more fun.  What a sweet kid...I will miss his presence on the show.