DMV Sends Unwanted Placards To Out of State Handicapped

A former Modesto resident can't understand why he continues to get a handicapped placard mailed to him by the California DMV.  Chris Mitchell told Fox40 News that he moved from California to Missouri to Webb City, Missouri in 2006,but got a placard in the mail for a handicapped plackard which expires in 2013.

Mitchell saw the stories about the DMV discovering 56,000 dead people on it's handicapped placard list.  He wonders why it also sends them to people who no longer live in the state. The placards allow handicapped people to use preferred parking spaces and not feed parking meters. The agency says it only has the resources to check deceased persons lists every other year and it's hard to their list updated.

"I thought that was strange and a waste of state money," said Mitchell, who is a stroke victim and has a handicapped placard from the state of Missouri.

"I know California is in a very bad financial situation...I would like to quit receiving the placards from California so they can keep the money," said Mitchell.

He admits that he has never sent told the DMV that he doesn't need the placards because he has been through DMV red tape before.

"I don't want to be on a deceased person list because I can imagilne it'll be hard to get off of it," said Mitchell.

The DMV sends out over 2 million handicapped license plates and placards each year, making it a clerical nightmare.  On the other hand, the DMV had no trouble tracking down Mitchell's Missouri address even though he never filed a change of address form, doesn't own a car and doesn't have a driver's license.

The DMV told Fox40 that it often sends the placards to out of state addresses to accomodate Californians who work temorarily out of state, those in the armed forces for instance.

But Mitchell keeps getting the placards.  Holding his placard up he said "No need to use this, and I'm not putting it on E-bay.  Mitchell is an E-bay business consultant who jokes about the value of the placards.  But the DMV estimates that up to a third of the people who have them are cheaters, people who aren't handicapped who use other people's placards or those sent to people who are dead.

One solution would be to have those who work temporarily in other states to get plackards from those states, but apparently the DMV wants to make it easier on Calfironia's handicapped. The California plackards are honored in other states and internationally.The DMV admits that it relies on people who get them in error to notify them and return them.