Did You Know They Were In The Marines?
As the U.S. Marine Corps celebrates its birthday, we did a little research to find some famous people who you might not have known were Marines.

Here's the list of Marines, and the job that they became better known for after they left the USMC.

Don Adams — Actor
Bea Arthur — "Maude"
F. Lee Bailey — Lawyer
John Wayne Bobbitt — Famous for his dismembered member
Robert Bork — Retired federal judge
Art Buchwald — Humor columnist
Rod Carew — Baseball Hall of Famer
Drew Carey — Comedian
James Carville — Political strategist and manager
Mike Connors — Actor/Manix
Brian Dennehy — Actor
Glenn Ford — Actor
Mark Fuhrman — LAPD detective
Freddie Fender — Tejano music recording artist
John Glenn — Astronaut/Senator
Gene Hackman — Actor
Keith Jackson — Broadcaster