Dennis Michael O'Brien, 48, of Colfax.

Dennis Michael O'Brien, 48, of Colfax.

Three copper wire thieves are now behind bars after a couple of PG&E workers saw the three loading copper wire into a truck in West Roseville Friday Morning and called deputies.

The PG&E workers told police the three suspects were loading the wiring in a field off of Dyer Lane.

When Placer County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on the scene, the three suspects initially told deputies they were just looking for a place to hang out, but a lot of evidence surrounded the truck. Deputies spotted knives, a lot of bundles and rolls of stripped copper wire and gloves. Inside the car there was more evidence, deputies found pliers with wire-cutting blades and a small amount of pot.

Deputies recovered a total of 72 pounds of stripped copper and 48 pounds of wire that had not yet been stripped. It is still unknown where the copper wiring was stolen from.

The three suspects, Shane Michael Quinlan, 20, of Auburn, Dennis Michael O’Brien, 48, of Colfax and Joseph Michael Taylor, 27, also of Colfax, were all booked in the Placer County Jail. They are facing conspiracy and possession of stolen property charges.