Danny Gokey to Headline 'Celebrate America'

He's fresh off an EP web-release for his fans, just debuted a line of his trademark glasses and is adjusting to being a newlywed - again.

But, American Idol finalist turned star-in his-own-right Danny Gokey is finding time to spend this weekend in Placer County -celebrating America.

When you hear him sing, “God Bless America,” you're not just listening to one of America's patriotic standards, you're listening to the voice that will help draw 15,000 people to Rocklin's Twin Oaks park this weekend for ‘Celebrate America.’

“I'm a boy raised in the church so I had to go back to my roots,” said Danny Gokey.

And he did just that when Destiny Christian Church of Rocklin invited him to be a part of their 4th annual singing, dancing, acting gift to families.

"We want to give back to this community and just be a blessing,” said Destiny Senior pastor Greg Fairrington.

And that's what Gokey wants to do more of with his career as he switches labels and prepares for a studio album release next spring.

Faith sustained him when his first wife died from heart surgery complications a month before his American Idol audition. 

Now this medal bears the logo of Sophia's heart - a multi-state organization he started in her name.

It helps kids, the homeless and soon will be providing solutions to a problem growing in Sacramento - human trafficking.

 "One of the things that has come to our attention is the need for ladies to be rescued... And be given a place to stay, a safe place to stay and have services wrapped around them,” Gokey said.

For anyone who hasn't understood his music. he says all you have to do is listen to the mission.

"People who've overcome human trafficking, people who've overcome homelessness, that's the music. That's the sound. It's visual, musical and more than something just wrapped up on a CD,” said Gokey.

This is the first year Celebrate America expands to both weekend nights.

The program starts at 8pm.

Danny Gokey will be at both...as well as singing at Destiny Christian church Sunday morning.