Cindy Sheehan Speaks to, Stands with Occupy Sacramento

Armed with a megaphone, Cindy Sheehan made her way to Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento Saturday to bring a new vigor and a new direction to the Occupy Sacramento movement.

"I'm happy that this movement is leaderless, but I think it's dangerous for it to be directionless," Sheehan told the crowd of hundreds.

The Vacaville mother who famously protested outside President George W. Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas still carries her disdain for the G.O.P., but her disillusionment with the Democrats fit solidly with the beliefs of those gathered.

"Obama has proven to be the president of the one percent, if he or Democrats were the answer, then guess what? We wouldn't have to be here today," Sheehan said. She urged the crowd of several hundred to keep their revolution non-partisan, free of influence from the left or the right.

After Sheehan's speech, the protesters marched down J Street, eventually making their way to the north steps of the State Capital.

"There's millions of us and a handful of them - we can't be afraid. We can't. How can 99 percent live in fear of one percent?" asked Sheehan.

Cindy Sheehan. Mugshot courtesy of City of Sacramento.

Sheehan, along with 18 other demonstrators, was arrested and booked into Sacramento County Jail early Sunday morning. They were released early Sunday afternoon. Organizers say there have been at least 58 arrests since their protest began Oct. 6.