Chocolate Bars with Golden Tickets Help Modesto's Historic Arch

Modesto's historic arch turns 100 this year, but after all that time it needs a little bit of a facelift.

The concrete pedestals need to be fixed, ironwork needs work, the electrical portion needs to be re-wired, landscaping, as well as painting it back to original color, according to President of Modesto’s Chamber of Commerce, Cecil Russell.

It’s a lot of work and for the price of $100,000.

“We’ve raised $41,000 as of last Tuesday,” said Russell.

Raising that much money requires some creativity.

“We happen to have a small local candy store just down the street,” said Russell, “(The owner) said, ‘What if we did a candy bar?’”

And if you are going to sell a chocolate bar, then including golden tickets like in the classic story of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” were the next logical step.

Modesto took it a step further with not just having gold tickets; there are silver, bronze, and copper.

Now finding the ticket doesn’t win you a tour of a chocolate factory, but you can win something.

You can win the chance to pull the switch that relights the arch at the rededication ceremony, or be the one to bury the time capsule, and there are other prizes as well.

The bars cost $3 each, with a dollar going to the arch. If all are sold only $5,000 will be raised, but Russell pointed out, “It really is not as much about as raising money as it is raising awareness for the icon.”

There are 5000 of these chocolate bars in circulation, and they can be bought at various stores throughout downtown Modesto. If you are a lucky ticket winner just bring it to the Chamber of Commerce office at 1117 J Street.