Challenger Tries to Link Rep. Lungren to Akin's Rape Comments

Congressional candidate Dr. Ami Bera has issued a statement linking republican Representative Dan Lungren to Representative Todd Akin, whose comments about rape have angered even his own party.

In a press release, Bera pointed out that Rep. Lungren co-sponsored a bill with Rep. Akin, H.R. 3, “which attempted to limit women’s health care options by redefining rape as ‘forcible’ rape.” Akin came under fire over his comments about “legitimate” rape.

“As a physician and public health professional, it disgusts me that our elected officials are injecting politics into the definition of rape,” the statement from Bera continued.

The redefinition of rape was taken out of later versions of the bill, but the Bera campaign is trying to paint Lungren as someone unwilling to champion woman’s rights.

Lungren is joining other lawmakers in condemning Akin. Via Twitter he wrote, “As a husband and father, I was deeply disturbed by the recent comments of Todd Akin. The ideas he expressed are simply incomprehensible--They make no sense. His words are ignorant and denigrating to all women.”

Lungren represents California’s 7th Congressional District.