Bystander Killed in Gang Shootout Crossfire; Video Released

Stockton police are asking for your help to identify the second suspect responsible for killing an innocent bystander.

On March 28, newly-released surveillance video shows Jeanette Gaines leaving Grand Save market, purchase in hand.

She had no reason to think her life was about to end.

"She very well could have been standing in the checkout line with one of these people right before unfortunately she was tragically shot and killed, said Officer Pete Smith, with the Stockton Police Department.

As this tragedy plays out on tape, police say you can see 18-year-old Terrell Washington hunch down in a sweatshirt and start to shoot.

He's already been arrested.

What they need to know is the name of the shooter who runs into frame firing in the exchange that ended up taking Gaines' life.

Gaines died at the hospital days after being shot.

If you have any information about this incident between rival gangs, you're asked to call the Stockton police Homicide Division.