Ladies, you know the last thing we want some hunk to see when we're in a a hunk of a nasty butt!!!

Here are a few workouts to get your toosh in tip top shape so you can hit the beach feeling much better :)

No need to look like Kate Moss on the beach--just have a tighter, rounder rump (women with curves are beautiful, no matter how big or small)!!

This is a neat picture, but after a few of these exercises...

Getting started:

Warm up: Begin each workout with 5 minutes of light aerobic activity, like marching in place, doing step-ups, or walking briskly--follow that with a few hip rolls, hip circles (definitely use a Hula-Hoop or Wii Fit if you have one!) along with alternating knee raises or leg kicks.

Workout 1: Standing with your right side to a chair, place your left hand on your left hip and your right hand on the chair back.  Stand in a lunge position, right foot in front of left, feet hip-width apart, left heel lifted, abs contracted and shoulders relaxed.

Bend both knees into a lunge, with right knee in line with right ankle and left knee pointing toward (but not touching) the floor.  Contract your buttocks and abs as you straighten both legs to starting position, then repeat.

Do 8-12 reps total (strengthens buttocks, quadriceps, and hamstrings)

Workout 2: Stand behind a chair, left knee lifted and turned out. Hold chair back with right hand for support. Slightly bend right knee, keeping torso lifted and abs contracted.

Maintaining slight knee bend on standing leg, contract buttocks as you press left knee and thigh back behind you, keeping thigh rotated out. Your heel will no longer be touching the back of your leg. Return to starting position, then repeat.

Do 12-14 reps total (strengthens glutes)

Cool down: End each workout by stretching your butt and hip muscles, holding each stretch for 20-30 seconds without bouncing.

1) Lift your right knee up to hip height, then place both hands under your right thigh. Round your spine so your tailbone drops down and under; you should feel a stretch in your butt and lower back.

2) Return to a neutral spine position, then use your left hand to pull your right knee toward your left side to stretch your right hip. 

Repeat both stretches on the other side.

Schedule: If you're just starting an exercise program, follow the Beginner Schedule. If you've been exercising consistently for at least 3 months, go straight to the Basic Schedule.

Beginner: Weeks 1-2: Do workout 1 only, 3 times per week.
                Weeks 3-4: Do workout 2 only, 3 times per week.
                Week 5: Progress to Basic Schedule.

Basic: Do workouts 1 and 2, 3 times per week, either on the same day or on alternating days.

To progress: Once this plan is easy, do additional repetitions or a second set of each move.

*from Shape Magazine