What is Airwave?

Airwave is a groundbreaking new mobile application that allows users to live stream all newscasts and special reports from Channel 2 News in real-time. The application also features an “On Demand” function which automatically stores news broadcasts and special reports for up to seven days, giving users unparalleled access to Channel 2 News’ award-winning broadcasts.

What devices support Airwave?

Airwave is available on any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet.

How do I get Airwave?

Airwave can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for iOS devices, or the Google Play store for Android devices. The application can be found by searching for “Airwave” or “KTUU” in the app store on your device.

How much does Airwave cost?

Airwave is free to download. However, it is a video streaming application and data usage rates from your service provider may apply. We strongly encourage users to monitor their data usage and understand the policies of their data or Internet service provider regarding rates and usage.

How do I watch Airwave?

Once you’ve downloaded Airwave, you must enable “Location Services” so that the application can ensure that you are within an allowable viewing area for KTUU-TV (if you can see KTUU on television, you are in an “allowable” viewing area for Airwave). Airwave will then display KTUU-TV in its list of available channels. Select the KTUU-TV channel and simply navigate to your desired program and tap “Watch Now” to begin watching. Users have the option of watching available programs “live” at their scheduled airtime on traditional broadcast television, or “On Demand” for up to seven days following the broadcast.

Why do I have to enable “Location Services”?

To use Airwave, you must enable your device’s “Location Services.” Airwave uses a device’s location to determine its available channels, and content on Airwave is available only where KTUU-TV is broadcast on television. These territorial restrictions are based on affiliate agreements and federal law, which dictate that local TV stations can only distribute programming to households that can be reached by their over-the-air broadcast signal. As such, you may be able to watch Airwave regularly in your community, but if you travel outside of Alaska, KTUU-TV’s content will not be available to you.

How do I watch programs “On Demand”?

Tap the “On Demand” icon in the bottom panel of the application’s home screen, and a list of available “On Demand” programs will appear. Simply select your desired program and then tap “Watch Now”. Programs are automatically stored “On Demand” and are available for up to seven days.

What if KTUU-TV does not appear when I download the app?

  1. Check the “location settings” for your device and make sure they are enabled. Airwave uses the location to determine available channels.
  2. You will not see Airwave programming if you travel outside of the area covered by KTUU-TV.

How do I turn closed captioning on or off?

Closed captioning is available on Airwave for programs that have closed captioning capability. To turn closed captioning on or off:

iOS: The global setting found in Settings >> Videos >> Closed Captioning (On/Off) determines the initial state of captions when a program is played. If the global closed captioning setting is turned on when the stream is playing, captions will be present if they are available. Captions can be toggled on or off by tapping on the video, which brings up the player control overlay; from here, tap on the CC button. A blue CC button indicates captions are turned on. A white CC button indicates captions are turned off.