Frame grab of boot camp video

Frame grab of boot camp video (Via Pasadena Star News

PASADENA, Calif. (KTLA) -- The operator of a boot camp for troubled youths has been charged with sexually assaulting two 14-year-old girls in 2004.

42-year-old Kelvin McFarland, also known as "First Sgt. Mac," pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to five felony assault counts of assaulting the two teens in March and December 2004.

If convicted as charged, he faces a possible sentence of 15 years in state prison.

McFarland has also been charged in a separate criminal case stemming from allegations that he abused children at Sarge's Community Base/Commit II Achieve Boot Camp.

He was arrested last May on suspicion of kidnapping, child abuse, false imprisonment, extortion and unlawful use of a badge.

In one incident, he allegedly handcuffed a truant Pasadena Unified high school student and extorted money from her family.

Videos apparently produced about two years ago show youths being subjected to harsh treatment at the boot camp.

The videos were obtained by the Pasadena Star News.

They feature Kelvin McFarland and three other boot camp instructors can been seen screaming at a boy and coaxing him to say he "loves his sergeant," according to the newspaper.

Another video shows kids being told to drink until they vomit.

McFarland has denied being in the videos.

He is being held on $275,000 bail in the sexual assault case. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 17 in that case.

In the abuse case, a pretrial hearing is set for April 11.