DOWNTOWN (KTLA) -- Thousands gathered on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles Friday to protest what could be billions of dollars worth of education cuts.

Demonstrators gathered at Pershing Square on what is being called "State of Emergency" Friday.

The rally was one of five simultaneous events across the state.

Over two dozen teachers were arrested Thursday night in front of the Capitol building in Sacramento as part of a weeklong demonstration.

California Highway Patrol officers who made the arrest said the teachers had been warned several times to leave the premises.

Among those arrested was California Teachers Association president David Sanchez, who told the Associated Press he was willing to be arrested "to let the public understand the seriousness, the state of emergency that Calfornia public schools are under right now."

The state has a $15.4 billion deficit and legislators on both sides of the political spectrum have been unable to agree on a solution.

Governor Jerry Brown has said that without tax extensions the state would have to cut more than $2 billion annually from public education.