The Muscle Man of Technology Bruce Pechman demonstrated some some amazing fitness products for 2010 to help you get in shape. Most products are perfect for home or on the go.

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Banglz Designer Ladies Wrist & Ankle Weights
Prices start at $24.99 for ½ pound Wrist
Check out these new ankle & wrist weight made especially for the ladies so they can work out in style! Banglz are comfy half-pound weighted bands wrapped in different stylish interchangeable sleeves that help incorporate fitness into our busy, but sedentary, lives. Just strap them on to match your outfit, and head out the door! By adding regular resistance training to your daily routine - running errands, shopping, working, doing chores, or chasing the kids – you can help create muscle health that supports your overall strength, balance, bones, heart, metabolism, stress levels and more. Banglz come in a variety of colors and designs; see their site above for all the details (wrists available in ½ & 1 lb. - Ankle available in 1 & 2 lb).

The BodiRocker
Core Training + Strength Training The BodiRocker's innovative design delivers a 2-in-1workout-strength training and core training, simultaneously. As you strength train your shoulders, chest, arms and back your core muscles are also engaged as you control the rocking motion of the BodiRocker. This means that during each rep, your upper body muscles are engaged while your core stabilizer muscles are activated. Double the results, in half the time! This 2-in-1 feature means that with each rep, you get double the results in half the time. Because the BodiRocker uses your balance to control the rocking motion, each and every repetition is intensified, engaging more muscle activity--especially in your core region. You'll develop more lean muscle, burn more calories and see the difference as your trouble spots are transformed.

Pro Max Inversion Table
$799.00 (Item: HEM004)
The Pro Max Inversion Table helps to stimulate blood flow to release stress, compression, fatigue and lower back pain. Decompress you spine--one of the very few Inversion Tables designed for face-up or face-down inversion! Features include an ultra comfortable ankle bracket, rolled knee and thigh supports, five preset angles and a foam padded massage table style bed (with crescent-shaped, foam padded head/face rest). The best part is you can do manual inversion adjustment up to 6 possible positions. Full 180-degree inversion range plus has 2 casters (wheels) for easy moving. In-use measurements are 45L x 29W x 71H inches. Steel frame with 600lb. capacity and fits any user from 4 ft. 10 inches - to - 6ft. 9 inches (1 year guarantee).

Body Bar Flex and Body Bar Mini's
Body Bar Flex starts at: Flex is $24.99 Mini is $29.99
Body Bar Inc., founded in 1987 is a top tier fitness company specializing in cool fitness products and educational tools for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Today we featured some of their best selling products including the Classic Body Bar, Body Bar Flex and the Body Bar Mini's. The Body Bar Classic is a weighted foam rubber padded 4 foot long bar that allows for amazing diversity of workouts without expensive equipment. DVD and wall charts included and optional DVD courses are available as well! Bady Bar Classic bars are available in 3lb. to 24lbs. and have colored coded end caps to easily distinguish the weight of each bar.

SideWinder Sport Grip Exerciser
SideWinder Pro is $79.99 / Regular SindWinder $64.95
The SideWinder is the coolest way to exercise and work-out your Forearms plus strengthen Hands and Wrists! The best part is you can adjust the resistance instantly with the built-in calibrated tension gauge--just turn the knob clockwise or counter clockwise! Whether you're a looking to increase your hand strength or build strong forearms, there's a SideWinder model to meet your needs. All SideWinders are extremely high quality products made from machined aluminum and steel! All SindeWinders are made in USA and carry a Lifetime Guarantee. Take it with you wherever you go... it's portable.

Fork and Knife Kit
$24.95 per set
The Fork and Knife weighted eating utensils (shaped like metal dumbbells) will be the hit or talk of any meal! The Knife and Fork Lift is a combination of utensils and dumbbells that serve as a constant reminder that eating puts weight on and requires exercise to take it off. Lifting food with these utensils is like doing curls with dumbbells. Weight: 1.5 lbs each. Height: 9"