Hand, Foot Mailed to 2 Schools in Vancouver
VANCOUVER -- What appeared to be a human hand and foot were sent separately to two area schools, Vancouver police said Tuesday.

The first package, containing what was thought to be a hand, was delivered to False Creek Elementary School, while the second, containing what appeared to be a foot, was found by staff at St. George's School, they said.

It was not immediately clear whether the gruesome discoveries are connected to the case of Luka Rocco Magnotta, the Canadian porn actor accused of killing and dismembering a man and mailing body parts to politicians.

"The investigation is only a few hours old now, so I can't link it to anything," Vancouver Police Deputy Chief Warren Lemcke told reporters.

Magnotta will not fight extradition after his arrest in Germany, a Berlin police official said Tuesday.

The 29-year-old told a Berlin magistrate that he will return voluntarily to face charges in the death of university student Jun Lin, Chief Supt. Stefan Redlich of the Berlin police said.

Magnotta faces first-degree murder and other charges in last month's killing of Lin, a 33-year-old Concordia University student from China.

Authorities accuse Magnotta of dismembering Lin and mailing one of his hands and one of his feet to Canadian politicians. Lin's head and other hand and foot are still missing, Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere, a Montreal police spokesman, said Tuesday.

Police also believe Magnotta filmed the death and dismemberment and posted it to the Internet. Authorities have said the video shows Magnotta engaged in sexual acts involving body parts. On Tuesday, Lafreniere told reporters the video also included evidence of cannibalism.

Berlin police arrested Magnotta on Monday at an Internet cafe where he was browsing articles about himself. The arrest ended an international manhunt that began when the body parts were found in the mail.

Montreal police see no hurry in getting Magnotta back to Canada, Lafreniere said.

"At the moment, it is not a rush for us," he said. "On our side, believe me, we've still got an investigation to do."

Police will investigate allegations of animal abuse made by online animal rights activists who accused him of killing kittens, and also look into possible links to other crimes, Lafreniere said.

"We're in contact with different agencies, it's a fact," he said.

However, Lafreniere said investigators currently have no evidence linking him to other crimes.

He also said investigators would check out rumored links between Magnotta and a well-known Canadian.

While Lafreniere did not name that person, several Canadian newspapers have reported on rumors that Magnotta had dated notorious Canadian killer Karla Homolka.

Ontario police arrested Homolka and her husband in 1993 in the rapes and murders of three Ontario girls, including her own sister. As part of a plea bargain, Homolka served 12 years in prison.

CNN affiliate Canadian Broadcasting Corp. said Montreal police also were investigating a website that hosted the video. The site could face criminal charges for publishing obscene material, CBC reported, citing Lafreniere.