2 Survive After Plane Crashes Near Whiteman Airport
PACOIMA, Calif. (KTLA) -- Two men are lucky to be alive after their small plane took a nose dive into a wall between businesses in Pacoima Saturday.

The crash was reported just before noon near the intersection of Van Nuys Boulevard and San Fernando Road. The plane landed atop a wall and wrought iron fence in a parking lot between the two buildings.

"By the time we saw, the plane was shaking left to the right," said Arkadi Soghomonyn, who witnessed the crash. "It barely missed the electric line and we all ran inside."

Paramedics rushed the pilot and passenger -- both men in their 60s -- to a nearby hospital.

"I saw the guy who was flying the plane, his skull was cracked and blood was coming out and fragments of his skull," said Hector Virgen, who tried to help the men out of the plane after the crash.

"The other guy, it looked like he had a spike coming through his leg."

One of the men is listed in serious condition, the other in fair condition.

The plane's engine ripped itself from the fuselage during the wreck and about five gallons fuel leaked all over the parking lot, fire officials said.

Two vehicles and the awning of a building were damaged in the crash.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the cause of the crash.