KTLA Exclusive: Bed Bugs At USC
LOS ANGELES -- Students at USC say there's a widespread bed bug problem, according to an undercover investigation by KTLA news.

The tiny, blood-sucking creatures have been reported by students living in campus housing.

USC student, Michelle Huynh says she's living a nightmare because the bugs "get hungry every night and I am their feast."

Huynh says when she lifts up the covers to look under her bed, she "finds these nasty little buggers."

Other students say the bed bugs are spreading. Dental student, Shaheen Moezzi says "there's quite a few different cases that have been breaking out in different apartment complexes."

Moezzi adds, "about two weeks ago there was a case in an apartment adjacent to mine."

City Park USC Housing reportedly has had bed bugs in the past and recently treated and cleared a complex where Mike Shubat lives. Shubat says, "some guy came in with a little dog and just sniffed out the bed in every room around the carpets and stuff" before giving it the all clear.

Some students fear that several areas on campus are infested but say the school has not released any warning about the problem.

Huynh says it's time for people to know what no one wants to hear.

KTLA shared the reports with officials at USC and in response the school released a statement saying "USC housing has had fewer then 10 confirmed bed bug cases in the last six months. We take all reports very seriously and have in place an aggressive pest management protocol designed in conjunction with national pest control service providers."