TORRANCE ( KTLA) -- A woman and her daughter say they are being wrongly blamed for a bed bug infestation in their Torrance apartment and that their landlord refuses to help. They say even though they have paid for extermination, the bed bugs are still in every corner of their home.

Sherri Frost tells KTLA that when she she discovered the bed bugs, the landlord refused to pay for extermination. Frost says she paid to have it done herself but as with many bed bug exterminations, it had little effect on the bed bugs.

"When we started seeing babies, that's when I started freaking out," Frost told KTLA.

Frost says the insects are living in her walls, clothing, bedding, furniture, picture frames and even her electronics. They've covered the floor with diatomaceous earth, which over time will kill bed bugs, and they sleep with spray bottles filled with alcohol to keep the bugs away. She also says she's been banned from doing laundry in the apartment building.

Bed bug infestation can be caused by infestation in an adjacent apartment, someone accidentally bringing them into a home or the bugs can also crawl into luggage when traveling.

Frost says she doesn't know how her apartment became infested since there have been no overnight guests nor has she traveled. Frost says she tried to retain an attorney to get her landlord to pay for the extermination but no one returned her call.

KTLA brought in Mike Masterson from ISOTech Pest Control who immediately spotted bed bugs on Frost's walls.

Masterson says if the landlord had taken care of the problem early, it would have been an easy fix. But now, he says, it's more complicated.

"As soon as I come in and I can start just pulling things off of the wall and finding bed bugs moving, to me that becomes a problem right away," he said.

Masterson says ISOTech will take care of Frost's problem, free of charge.