Man Uses Tracking App to Catch Laptop Thief
OAKLAND, Calif. (KTLA) -- A Northern California man has been reunited with his MacBook after he used a special tracking application to gather photos of the man who allegedly stole the laptop.

Joshua Kaufman says laptop was taken from his Oakland apartment on March 21. He reported the incident to police but there wasn't much they could do initially.

Kaufman used an application called "Hidden" to capture photos of the man who was in possession of the laptop.

On May 27, Kaufman set up a blog titled "This Guy Has My MacBook" and posted pictures of the alleged thief.

He also posted updates on his Twitter account, which helped him gain media attention.

Kaufman says police used the information he gathered using the "Hidden" app and arrested the suspect. They also recovered his MacBook, which he picked up on Wednesday.

A basic plan for the "Hidden" application costs $15 a year, according to the company's website.