GLENDALE (KTLA) -- Budget woes may prevent some cities in Southern California from participating in the Rose Parade in 2012.

West Covina has already said it will not be able to afford a Rose Parade float, and Glendale may soon follow suit, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The Glendale City Council says it can't take the $130,000 needed for a float from the general fund, because the city is dealing with an $18 million deficit.

Normally, the Glendale Rose Float Association raises $50,000, so the city only has to come up with the remaining $80,000.

This year, the City Council wants the Glendale Rose Float Association to pay an additional $30,000 for the time city staff spends overseeing the project.

But the organization does not think it can come up with the money. Two fundraisers already held this year garnered only $500.

Work has already started on a design for the float, but the city hasn't signed the $100,000 construction contract.

The City Council has now created an account for a parade float so residents can contribute.

Glendale has participated in the Rose Parade for 98 years, and residents and officials say they do not want to see the long-standing tradition fall by the wayside.

Burbank and Alhambra have also considered eliminating funding for Rose Parade floats.

Burbank parks officials had proposed eliminating their annual $67,500 contribution to the Burbank Tournament of Roses Association.

The Burbank City Council ultimately moved to reduce funding by just 10 percent, to $60,800.

The Alhambra City Council has also proposed eliminating its $100,000 contribution to the city's Chamber of Commerce for a parade float.

A final decision hasn't been made, but the Chamber of Commerce has said it will build a float, even with reduced funds.