Woman Charged With Tasing Pregnant Motorist in Road Rage Incident
CONCORD, New Hampshire (KTLA) -- A 22-year-old woman is charged with assault after allegedly using a stun gun on a pregnant woman in what police are calling a case of road rage.

Police say Carissa Williams was upset because the other driver was traveling the speed limit.

"She started yelling at her for going 35 in a 35 mile an hour zone, began to thrown bottles and cans at the car,” said Sgt. John Thomas of the Concord, New Hampshire Police Department.

Investigators say Williams sped up and passed the victim, but they both ended up getting off at the same exit.

That's when Williams allegedly jumped out her car, jumped into the victim's vehicle and began shocking her.

According to investigators, 911 operators heard the victim yelling and screaming at Williams to stop because she was pregnant.

Police said the woman is 10 weeks pregnant, but she and the fetus are fine.

Williams was traveling with her own 10 month old in the car.

Police said Williams has a lengthy criminal history in four states.

She is being held on $100,000 bail.