Rabid Bat Found at Santa Clarita School
SANTA CLARITA (KTLA) -- Health officials are warning residents in Santa Clarita after the discovery of a rabid bat at a school.

There have been eight rabid bats found so far, including the discovery at the unnamed school.

According to officials, eight to 10 rabid bats are typically found throughout Los Angeles County each year.

But this year, 21 rabid bats have been found so far, including eight in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Experts are unsure as to why there has been an increase, but they said bats live in colonies and the Santa Clarita Valley is a favorite place for them.

A rabid bat was recently found at Laguna Niguel Regional Park in Orange County.

According to Ventura County public health officials, a dozen bats were collected over a period of two months this summer at four homes near Moorpark College.

At least 10 tested positive for rabies.

Anyone bitten by a bat should wash the wound thoroughly before seeking medical treatment.

Untreated rabies can be fatal, health officials said.