San Diego Man Linked to Federal Reserve Bomb Plotter
NEW YORK -- Terror suspect Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ashan Nafis remains behind bars accused of plotting to bomb the Federal Reserve Branch in Manhattan.

But in a new development, the FBI has arrested and searched the San Diego apartment of 36-year-old Howard Willie Carter II .

Carter and Nafis are linked in criminal complaints on both coasts that say they communicated on Facebook and discussed targets.

Carter is an ex-con with a lengthy criminal history who is also knows as "Yaqeen."

The feds have not commented on any link but there are connections between the two drawn in the New York complaint and a search warrant for Carter's apartment.

Carter pleaded not guilty to child pornography charges in court in San Diego.

The charges arise from a computer the FBI found in a trash bin outside Carter's apartment when they had him under surveillance this summer.

He was ordered held without bond pending a hearing next week. So far, he has not been the subject of any terrorism charges.

Nafis was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly tried to detonate a 1,000-pound bomb in a van he parked next to the Federal Reserve bank in Lower Manhattan, with a cell phone rigged as a detonator.

Nafis arrived in the United States in January on a valid student visa and attended a college in Missouri before coming here and enrolling in the ASA Institute of Business and Computer Technology in Midtown Manhattan.

Back in Missouri friends are shocked he's been arrested on terror charges.

A friend in Missouri told reporters, "He's not an evil person. I don't know what to say, I'm just stunned."

Nafis worked with an undercover informant to build the bomb and tried to detonate it at the federal reserve, according to the criminal complaint.

The police commissioner says Nafis arrest was not the result of entrapment.