O.C. Surf Fully Recovers from Nearly Drowning at Mavericks
HALF MOON BAY (KTLA) An Orange County surfer who nearly drown at a famous Northern California big wave break has completely recovered, according to his doctors and family.

30 year old Jacob Trette was released from Stanford Medical Center Wednesday and his brother says he's doing just fine.

"He's walking and talking, it's just amazing," his brother John said. "He's fully functioning, exactly how he was."

Trette was among a large group of surfers who were riding 12-15' surf on Saturday.

Without warning, a large set of 20' waves rolled in, catching even the most experienced Mavericks surfers off guard, according to witnesses.

Trette and several other surfers were caught inside.

Trette tried to paddle up the face of a 20' wave but was sucked over backwards and held down for at least two more 20' waves.

A photographer on a personal watercraft spotted Trette's green board near the rocks of Half Moon Bay.

Trette was unconscious when he was rushed to shore. Paramedics were able to clear the water out of his lungs and get him breathing.

The Laguna Beach surfer was brought to Stanford Medical Center and placed in a medically induced coma.

According to doctors, Trette did not break any bones or suffer any blunt-force injuries.

The wave that caught Trette, although not the biggest Mavericks has ever seen, was thunderous. Video posted on YouTube shows Trette getting thrown backwards of the 20' wave.