Alleged Mila Kunis Stalker Due in Court for Arraignment
LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- A man who has been arrested twice for allegedly stalking actress Mila Kunis is due in court for an arraignment on Friday.

Stuart Lynn Dunn, 27, is charged with one felony count each of stalking and stalking in violation of a restraining order.

Dunn was first arrested back in January, after police say he broke into a vacant condo in West Hollywood owned by the 28-year-old actress.

He pleaded no contest in February to a misdemeanor count of unauthorized entry of a dwelling and was ordered to stay away from Kunis.

He was again arrested on May 4 after police were called to a gym where he had shown up three days in a row looking for Kunis, according to prosecutors.

If convicted, Dunn faces a maximum prison term of four years.

Kunis is best known for her roles on the TV comedy "That '70s Show" and in films including "Black Swan," "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Friends with Benefits."