LOS ANGELES -- Police say they found a methamphetamine lab in West Los Angeles. Two people were arrested: a man suspected of murdering his teenage daughter was arrested, and a woman.

Authorities say a Los Angeles County hazardous materials team found at least seventeen
barrels of precursor chemicals in a ground-floor apartment in the 2100 block of South Bentley Avenue.

The chemicals included the solvent acetone and red phosphorus, which officials say is used as a catalyst in making meth.

The lab was discovered Saturday evening when Ceres police officers from northern California went to Mark Mesiti's apartment to serve a search warrant in connection with a homicide, according to Los Angeles Police.

Mesiti is a suspected of murdering his teenage daughter. When police arrived at the apartment to serve the warrant, Mesiti was arrested and booked on drug-related charges. A woman, possibly Mesiti's girlfriend, was also booked on drug charges.

Police are still searching for evidence in the murder of Mesiti's daughter. A body, believed to be that of Alycia Mesiti, was found in Thursday in the backyard of her home in Ceres.

The 15-year-old girl disappeared on Aug. 14, 2006. The home has been vacant for several months.

Investigators began digging Wednesday after receiving a tip. Ceres police officials declined to give any additional information.

According to fliers distributed after her disappearance, Alycia told her parents she was going camping with friends.

Sources familiar with the investigation say police became suspicious of Alycia's father because he left the area without ever contacting authorities to ask about his daughter's investigation.