Deputy Who Arrested Mel Gibson After Anti-Semitic Rant to be Fired
LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- The sheriff’s deputy who arrested Mel Gibson in 2006 for DUI is reportedly being fired.

Deputy James Mee has received a letter stating that the Sheriff's Dept. intends to give him the boot for allegedly violating procedure by engaging in a high-speed pursuit that ended in a fiery explosion, according to TMZ.

Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore would not confirm the reason for the action against Mee.

But strongly denied that the firing was an act of retaliation related to the Gibson arrest.

According to TMZ, the department accused Mee of failing to notify emergency officials about a crash and lying to his superiors about his involvement in the wreck.

But Mee's attorney, Richard Shinee, told the website "Mee did promptly reach out for help."

A personnel hearing is scheduled for Mee on Thursday, according to TMZ.

Last year, Mee filed a lawsuit claiming he was unfairly targeted by his department after parts of his report, which revealed Gibson's infamous anti-Semitic rant, were leaked to TMZ.

Mee, 55, claims that he was asked to remove Gibson's comments from the initial report because they were not relevant to the DUI charge.

He also claims that a supervisor told him to instead file a supplementary report that would not have been immediately available to the public.

"When considering the evidence, a jury could easily see the discrimination, retaliation and harassment James Mee suffered at the sheriff's department," said Mee's civil attorney Etan Z. Lorant said in an interview with the L.A. Times.

Earlier this year, he reached a settlement agreement for $50,000.

Both Mee and TMZ have never revealed the source of the tip, but Mee, who is Jewish, claims that in the years since he has been passed on for promotions and scrutinized heavily.