Gayle Anderson was live in Agoura Hills with information about the Los Angeles County Brush Clearance Deadlines: May 1 was the deadline for most areas of Los Angeles County for residents to clear the brush from their properties to prepare for the annual inspection. June 1 is this year's deadline for coastal areas. Each property must be in compliance with the county's brush clearance requirements.

Firefighters will visit each property to inspect it for weeds, combustible debris and dead or dying vegetation that may present a potential fire hazard. To help property owners comply with county brush clearance codes, the department's website offers a free list of local companies currently providing hazard reduction services:

In addition to the annual brush inspections, the department's Fuel Modification Program helps protect newly-constructed homes and developments by requiring vegetation to be planted in zones around structures. Residents are urged to select plantings from an approved list to help prevent wildfire from jumping from one fuel source to another and eventually to a home. Currently, county standards call for up to a 200-foot clearance set in three zones, beginning with a 20-foot-wide setback area of low-growing plants with high moisture content. A second zone of up to 100 feet of ornamental and native plants are arranged to minimize fire progression. A third "thinning zone" of native vegetation could be up to 200 feet in very high fire hazard areas. These efforts also help firefighters operate safely and protect a home during a wildfire.

For questions and information about brush clearance and creating your own Ready, Set, Go! Wildfire Action Plan, download the plan at, or call or stop by your local fire station and speak with the on-duty crew.

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