Three Hospitalized After Killer Bee Attack In Huntington Park
HUNTINGTON PARK (KTLA) -- Three people were sent to the hospital after a swarm of killer bees invaded a park in Huntington Park on Friday.

According to Sheriff's officials, there were about 75 people at Miles Park when a colony of some 60,000 Africanized honey bees, also known as killer bees, emerged from a tree around 3 p.m.

At least one person had dozens of bee stings and was treated at a local emergency room.

Authorities closed the park and called in bee expert Eloy Ruiz, who sprayed poison into the bee colony.

Ruiz said the bees were the most aggressive he had ever come across.

"These are not the typical ones I encounter," Ruiz said. "If you're not protected they may easily kill you."

The park remained closed on Friday night.