Lifestyle and beauty guru Stacy Cox joined us with some clever ways to clean up your holiday party.

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1. Left Over Wine & Juice
• Freeze into cubes and save them for recipes that call for vino like slow-cooker red wine short ribs
• Consolidate half-consumed bottles to make a boozy syrup that you can drizzle over waffles, ice cream or fruit.
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• With the frozen juice cubes, like apple juice for example, run them over your face and neck because the malic acid in the apple juice will exfoliate dead skin cells off your face and give you a refreshing glow

2. Water Rings on Furniture
• Try rubbing a bit of nongel toothpaste onto the affected area, then buff with clean cloth or substitute full fat mayo for the toothpaste. Leave on for at least an hour before wiping clean.
• And while you're at it apply some of that mayo to your hair because the oil in mayo works as a conditioning agent to restore shine and hydration to tresses overworked by curling irons and overdosed on too much hairspray!

3. Flat Club Soda
• Use flat club soda to hydrate houseplants. It usually contains a phosphate which promotes growth and root development.
• For your beauty regimen try rinsing clean hear with unflavored club soda to smooth strands and fight frizz!

4. Fallen Holiday Tree Needles and Branches
• Re-purpose needles as mulch
• Use branches to protect delicate plants from frost
• Little sprigs can be used as decoration on gifts boxes in lieu of gift bows
• For an aromatherapy infusion, gather up needles, place them in a glass dish and put them near your bed for a calming pine/woodsy/holiday scent to help you unwind before bed. If you want, you can add a couple extra drops of peppermint or eucalyptus for example!