Gayle Anderson was live in Brea because September is National Alopecia Awareness Month, dedicated to spreading awareness about the disease and condition that results in hair loss. There are two types of Alopecia, non-scarring and scarring. Alopecia Areata, a non-scarring form of alopecia, is an autoimmune hair loss disease which affects children, women and men of any race. Alopecia areata usually starts with one or more small, round patches on the scalp. In some people, the condition spreads until all of the hair on the scalp is lost (alopecia totalis) or even over the entire body including eyebrows and eyelashes (alopecia universalis). Currently, there is no treatment or cure for this disease.
Scarring types are either called traction Alopecia or central centrifugal cicatricial Alopecia and occurs as a result of tight braiding, weaving, and chemical straightening that can lead to permanent hair loss. Out of the 80 million Americans affected with Alopecia, approximately 30 million are Black women. Dr. Kari, a hair and scalp expert, educator and stylist in Los Angeles, offers the following recommendations on how consumers can prevent the onset of hair loss.
1. If you experience any pain while getting your hair braided or weaved, notify your stylist immediately. Never mistake pain for the guarantee of a polished look. You should remove the style and have it adjusted immediately.
2. Have weaves styled by a professional licensed stylist who is a weave specialist.
3. Don't wear weaves longer than 2 months. While wearing the weave style, have scalp cleaned thoroughly by your weave specialist.
4.Give your hair and scalp at least a week to be free of braid and weave styles before going back into the style.
5.At the first sign of thinning or inflammation (in the form of itching, redness or burning) contact a Trichologist or Dermatologist. A lot of hair loss can be reversed, if symptoms are caught early. For more information, please visit or

For those who haven't suffered permanent hair loss or damage, there are treatments available. Hairroots Hair Replacement Salon will be offering complimentary consultations, scalp analysis and scans to men and women experiencing hair loss every Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm during the entire month of September. If you can't make it out to Brea, there are other alternatives in the Los Angeles area. Mo'Hair Technologies, Inc. offers traditional hair care services as well as hair replacement products in Culver City. Mahogany Hair Revolution in Los Angeles is a healthy hair care salon and natural hair studio founded by Dr. Kari Williams.

To honor National Alopecia Awareness Month, the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF) has launched its awareness program, "Team Up for Alopecia Areata," in conjunction with various Major and Minor League Baseball organizations and teams to get the message out about the most common autoimmune disease. Make sure to check out the awareness booth at select Major and Minor League baseball games. For a complete schedule, please visit

Come join the Los Angeles Support Group leaders Kylie Bamberger & Carolyn Goh, and others from the Los Angeles NAAF group at Dodger Stadium on Sunday, September 18th for the Los Angeles Dodgers versus the Pittsburgh Pirates game at 1:10pm. Get your discounted tickets by clicking on this link and entering "NAAF" (Please enter in all CAPS) when it asks for the promo code. All tickets purchased will guarantee that you will sit with the NAAF group, as a block has been reserved. This game is also Fan Appreciation Day, so the Dodgers will be holding their own festivities for the fans.
Not a Dodgers fans? The Los Angeles Angels are participating in "Team Up for Alopecia Areata" by giving their awareness booth to the NAAF Orange County Support Group. Local NAAF representatives will pass out brochures and bracelets to the attending fans. The game will be on Monday, September 26th versus the Texas Rangers at 7:05pm.
Headquartered in San Rafael, CA, the National Alopecia Areata Foundation funds research to find a cure or acceptable treatment for alopecia areata, supports those with the disease, and educates the public about alopecia areata. Founded in 1981, NAAF is widely regarded as the largest, most influential, and most respected foundation associated with alopecia areata.
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