LOS ANGELES -- In these tough economic times, there are some free rides. Below we have lots of places you can sign up to receive free items and information. If you do sign up for the free offers, be prepared for lots of email (like marketing offers). Creating a separate email address to handle the additional email is a good idea. Also be aware that offers change, sometimes daily. As of November 26, 2008, all of the offers listed below are available.


Cellforcash.com lets you type in the kind of cell phone you have, along with some details, and see how much you can get for it. If your phone isn't worth anything, the site also offers free recycling of it.


You can trade in your old electronics for Best Buy gift cards.


Also lets you trade in your used electronics. The money you make goes into a Pay Pal account, where you can get goods and services that allow Pay Pal payments.


Looking for free internet service? Some internet service providers offer ten hours per month free.

Netzero.com is one. You can extend the number of hours you get by upgrading to the premium service level.

access-4-free.com offers free internet service, without ads, for up to ten hours a month. Additional hours are billed at $1 per hour or part therof, up to a maximum of $10.00 a month. You have to provide credit card details to sign up, and there is a $4.95 setup fee.

Don't forget your local library for free internet time. Some restaurants and coffee shops also offer it.