LONG BEACH -- The Episcopal Church has ordained its first two female bishops.

The Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool, of Baltimore, and Rev. Canon Diane Jardine Bruce, were consecrated Saturday at a ceremony attended by 3,000 people in Long Beach, California.

Glasspool and Bruce are the first two female bishops ordained in the 114-year history of the Diocese of Los Angeles.

Glasspool and Bruce were elected last December. They were ordained to applause and cheers.

J. Jon Bruno, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, said the church was "fuller and richer and more vital" as a result.

"Today, as we pray over these two magnificent women, bring into your hearts those things that you bear against any other human being and cast them away," Bruno told the assembly. "For we cannot be separated from each other if God is for us and with us. . . . There are no outcasts."

Bruce and Glasspool will be assistants to Bruno, a position known as suffragan. They are the 1,044th and 1,045th bishops ordained in the history of the Episcopal Church, but few previous clerical elections have attracted as much attention.

The Episcopal Church, which is the Anglican body in the United States, caused turmoil in the church in 2003 by consecrating the first openly gay bishop, V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire.

Breakaway Episcopal conservatives have formed a rival church, the Anglican Church in North America.