LOS ANGELES ( KTLA) -- A group of bicyclists in the Baldwin Hills area of South Los Angeles were arrested early Thursday for riding under the influence.

CHP officers responded to reports of a collision between a bicyclist and a car around 1:30 a.m. along La Cienega Boulevard and Stocker Street.

It turns out a bicyclist hit the center divider, not a car.

Investigators say a group of 15 bicyclists were all riding the wrong way on La Cienega.

They suspected the bicyclists may have been intoxicated and conducted field sobriety tests, which included breathalyzers.

Five bicyclists were arrested for riding under the influence, according to CHP officials.

Their bicycles were confiscated.

"Make sure you wear your helmet, you have all your proper lights on when you ride your bicycle and make sure you're not drinking while riding your bicycle. It is illegal," a CHP officer at the scene said.

CHP investigators say there's a growing trend of people riding bicycles at night while drunk.