38 year old Matthew Marchman (left) and 29 year old Shawna Lerer (right).

38 year old Matthew Marchman (left) and 29 year old Shawna Lerer (right). (Anaheim Police Department / January 3, 2010)

ANAHEIM- Two suspects believed to be responsible for a slew of dental laboratory robberies have been arrested, according to police.

Matthew Marchman, 38, and 29-year-old Shawna Lerer, both of Costa Mesa, were arrested Sunday on suspicion of robbing dental labs of precious metals typically used to fill tooth cavities, according to Anaheim police Sgt. Rick Martinez.

The pair is believed to be responsible for burglarizing 18 dental laboratories across Orange County since November.

According to Martinez, Anaheim Police observed the trend early on and have been working for some time to identify and apprehend the suspects.

At around 12:50 a.m. Sunday morning, a patrol officer went to check on two dental labs in the area of the 700 block of North Valley Street. As he drove around the industrial area, the officer reported seeing Lerer sitting alone in a white Chrysler Sebring and Marchman, who was on foot, discard a crowbar upon seeing the officer.

As the officer detained Marchman, Lerer took off in the white Sebring, according to Martinez.

With the help of other patrol officers in the area and the police helicopter crew, officers were able to stop and apprehend Lerer.

Investigators say they uncovered evidence on the two suspects believed to be related to many of the dental lab burglaries.

Martinez says vehicles were stolen and burned in two of the burglaries.

Marchman and Lerer are being held at the Anaheim Detention Facility.