10 Gang Members Arrested in Brutal Beating
COSTA MESA -- Ten men and teenagers have been charged with attacking and robbing a pedestrian in Costa Mesa.

Police conducted a sweep Wednesday and arrested six people, including the four teens.

Juan Gonzalez, 18, Ricardo Perez, 19, Jesse Sanabria, 19m and Irvin Perez, 18, have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and enhancements for allegedly being part of a gang.

Jose Quijano, 20, George Quintero, 20, Raul Munoz, 19, Adan Valdez, 19, and Mohammed Hammoodi, 19, were also charged in the attack.

Erick Munoz-Juarez, 21, was arrested but has not been charged. He was released after posting bail.

The attack happened on September 4th just after midnight, according to police. Two men were walking home on Plumer Street near Lions Park when two of the suspects approached them, police said.

The suspects demanded money and mentioned they were in a gang.

Soon, more suspected gang members approached, and the victims tried to run. One of them got away, but the other didn't.

Authorities say the group punched and kicked the man on the ground, fracturing his face. One of the suspects allegedly stole the victim's wallet before the group fled.

A witness called 911, and reported seeing the group go to a nearby house.

Officers found 20 to 25 local gang members or associates at the house. One of them tried to run, and he was arrested.